7 Basic Bass Fishing Tips All Anglers Should Know

When someone mentions the word “Bass,” what comes to mind? If you are like most people, the first thing that usually comes to mind is one of several species of bass. This is good news for fishermen since catching them is someone easier than other species, primarily because there are more of them. Regardless, what follows is a short list of tips and techniques that will help you catch more bass, one of the most popular game fish today.

Bass Fishing TipsKnow your prey. There is nothing that will allow you to catch more bass anytime better than knowing the prey you are determined to catch. Much of this has to do with the weather since sunny skies means that bass will head for cover. If it’s cloudy, however, bass will come out of their hiding places. Regardless of where they are, the best fish finder GPS combo will help you find them. In fact, most fishermen who have experience with this type of equipment endorse its use.

Use Buzzbaits. It only takes a short time watching professional tournaments before you catch the best using buzzbaits, which are lures that send out buzzing noises that attract bass from all around as well as great distances.

Watch your fishing time. A big key in being able to catch bass is to know when they are out. The best time to fish for bass is during the first few hours of the morning, right after sunrise and the last few hours of the evening, an hour or so before sunset. If the weather is cloudy or the water is muddy, bass will usually come out in the afternoon to feed.

Source: https://roundvalleyfishing.com/2016/06/12/bass-lifecycle-lure-patterns-infographic/

Do your fishing pre-spawn. If your desired objective is largemouth bass, the best time for you to fish is pre-spawn. This usually takes place in the spring when the water temperature is between 55 and 65 degrees. At this time bass meet in the shallowest areas of the water to establish a nesting spot. This technique could almost be considered cheating since it’s relatively easy to locate these spots, especially If you have a fish finder GPS combo handy.

Check for local tips. As nice as it is to have access to general guidelines to use for your bass fishing, it’s also good idea to check with other fishermen or other locals to find out everything you can about the peculiarities of the area fishing spots to determine where and how is best to fish. You might even want to check someone’s fish to determine what they are biting on So you can use the same thing to catch yours.

Keep your eye on your line. It’s always good to check the condition of your line from time to time to make sure that in the course of your fishing your line hasn’t frayed as it has rubbed against rocks and other obstacles. It would be just your luck to get a bite from a huge bass and lose it after your line breaks.

Size doesn’t matter. When fishing for bass, don’t pay a lot of attention to the size of your lures. Bass will often bite on a lure that is up to 25 to 50 percent of its own length. A small lure can catch a big bass just as easily as a large lure can catch a small bass.

Try live bait. When you are fishing for bass, don’t be picky with the bait you are using. When your lures aren’t giving you the desired results, try to use live bait. You can use shiners if you hook them through both lips or behind their dorsal fin. Worms, crayfish, or frogs, are also good bait for bass.
Bass fishing is great fun and can be very rewarding. All you have to do is learn the ways of these wily creatures and go after them. There’s plenty of fun and fish available for everyone.…

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Fishing and Gear

Good fishing and gear information is often not available, confusing or just difficult to understand, so I am going to lay it all out for you in plain English. Firstly, I would recommend that any new or average fisherman concentrates on looking for a quality spinning reel as they are getting ready to go fishing. Making a well-informed decision may make the difference between filling up the live well or coming home empty handed. In general, I would classify all types of fishing (freshwater, saltwater, ice fishing and fly fishing) into having five basic components outlining the equipment used for fishing.

Good Fishing- Fishing and Gear
Good Fishing

Your fishing and gear selection should begin with a good fishing rod. We will start by reviewing the fishing rod, which could be made of graphite or some other type of composite material. Each fishing rod is usually identified by a different action. The action of a fishing rod varies greatly from Fast-action where only 30% of the rod bends to Medium action where 60% of the rod bends to Slow-action where up to 90% of the rod bends. Also, the length of a rod varies, but an average length is usually around 7-8 feet. A typical rod for fly fishing may be a bit longer, like in the 9-foot range. This is the first piece of equipment used for fishing.

The next fishing and gear component is a reel, which is available in many different types, with the majority being as casting, spinning, spin cast and bait caster. Things to consider when buying a reel is the drag on a reel. In general, a reel’s drag is simply to the force that fish exerts on your line and reel, causing additional line to run out from your spool. The drag on your reel ( Quantum Reels and Shimano Reels) is very important as it takes the pressure off of your line and reel, while it allows a fish to run and tire themselves out.

The third fishing and gear component is some fishing line, and there are some different types such as monofilament (mono), braided, fly line (floating and sinking). Fishing line also comes in different strengths. A good fishing line should be friction resistance, knot strength, and some tolerance for abrasion. Also, keep in mind the strength of the line, for example, 10-pound test is stronger than 8-pound test.

Then comes the terminal tackle that gets added to the end of your fishing line. Specifically, a leader may be necessary as some fish species have very sharp gill rakers that have the ability to cut your line. The big ones, usually try this as an escape route after being hooked. Additional sinkers or weights may be added to the end of your line to assist your bait or lure to sink in the water deeper than normal. Most fishing and gear is important, but weights will help you get to where more fish are located by controlling the sinking speed of your lures.

Finally, you will attach some bait, like a live worm, minnow, crayfish, leech, etc. Or you may opt to go with an artificial lure. Some of the common types of lures including spinners, crankbaits, topwater, and plugs.…

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Fishing Holidays

Fishing Holidays

If you are considering travelling abroad to experience some of the fantastic fishing on offer, I/ we can now offer you our full services as we work in association with one of the largest dedicated fishing and shooting tour operators in the UK Sportquest Holidays. This allows me / us to offer you great advice on the different types of fishing available, different fishing methods, times of year to travel, full travel arrangements from door to door including all international and internal flights, all through a fully bonded tour operator Sportquest Holidays who operate a full ATOL license.

What does this mean to you?

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Third, as Sport-quest Holidays is a fully bonded company you have financial security as package holidays are covered by their ATOL license, which means in the event that the lodge, guides, airlines went into administration you WILL not lose any money already paid.

Fly Fishing

Fly fishing is without doubt the biggest growth area in our sport and together we are completely committed to offering you the finest destinations for all your fly fishing travels around the world. Remember we carefully select destinations that are unique, provide top level of service, and are considered the best for fly fishing holidays. We do not offer the largest selection of fly fishing holidays but we offer the best, as we only use destinations that we feel are worthy of our commitment to you and your time and money for your travels.

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Hosted Holidays

We are delighted to offer our wide range of high quality hosted holidays to all corners of the globe – from the Jungle in India to the tropical rain-forest of Panama. All tours are escorted for the duration of the trip; all of our English guides are leaders in their chosen field fishing type, ensuring you get the maximum from the destinations you visit and fish. The advantages of hosted holidays regardless of whether you are new to the sport or a grand master, are with our full-time guides you will be well taken care off. Enjoy the fun atmosphere and the camaraderie that only traveling with like-minded people can provide. So for a chance to explore and fish some of the most exciting countries in the world, why not take one of our fascinating hosted holidays?

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Big Game

Looking for a lifetime fishing experience or the realization of a dream? Then you should plan for your next holiday to be spent Big Game fishing. This type of fishing has increased in popularity around the world over the years, with what seems on a daily basis new destinations and new lodges popping up. So how do you know what is really hot and what is not, and which are the truly established destinations? Simple, over the years we have provided a wide range of fishing holidays to some of the worlds most exotic Big Game fishing locations and as we have tried and tested everything out personally, we know what you will receive.

Sea Fishing

There’s nothing like a day out on a boat, breathing in the fresh sea air, regardless if you are in the cold waters of Norway or the warm tropical seas of the Pacific Ocean. There are just so many methods to try and different species to catch; the hardest decision you will have to make is where to go? We have worked long and hard to make sure that we only offer you the best sea fishing locations from around the world.

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Family Holidays

We understand that families are becoming more demanding and adventurous in their choice of holiday. The fact is that the majority of us, due to either time or finances, can have only one annual holiday together making this precious time spent together even more important. We have hand picked certain destinations that can fulfill all your family needs, for now you can discover places that are not only rich in culture, natural beauty, and bursting with activities but that also include unbelievable fishing. Holidays that ensure all partners and family members share in the delights of your chosen holiday all returning home with combined memories.

It’s truly amazing how far family holidays have come over the last few years. The places you can now go and the experiences you can have just keep on growing. Therefore when our researchers go away on any of our research trips to possible new and exciting destinations, they also look for additional activities apart from fishing that will entertain any non angling partners. In addition to this we also look for and put together more dedicated family holidays that either only includes a limited amount of fishing or where the fishing is completely optional, just as with any other activity.

By now working with Sport-quest Holidays we now make a team of fishing and shooting holiday travel specialists covering all aspects from, Fly fishing holidays, Big Game fishing holidays, Sea fishing holidays, Specimen fishing holidays along with our own Hosted fishing holiday trips, plus a full range of shooting holidays that can be taken either as dedicated trips or combined with top class fishing.

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Our Destinations & Holidays are designed to meet all expectations and skills and to appeal equally to dedicated fanatics and to those in search of a more relaxing orientated break with family or accompanying non-anglers.…

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